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Digital Thinking is a
Decision-Making Process
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Digital Thinking
    Digital Thinking
    "Digital thinking is as much a change
    in our mind-set as viewing the
    world from "flat" to "round-earth."

     Janet I. Harris, President, HARRIS Marketing, Inc.

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"Business marketers and executives who understand how to use the codes, symbols, logic and syntax of databases will be equipped to manage and capitalize on market opportunities in the Information Age.

Expertise in how a database is organized enables marketers to select and capitalize on data.

HARRIS Marketing, Inc. guides its customers through a thoughtful step-by-step process of decision making to provide the best list. We consider the objectives of each campaign and use quantitative strategies to accomplish those objectives.

I am personally dedicated to helping businesses and organizations benefit from the new information technologies by using new ways of thinking."

Janet I. Harris, President, HARRIS Marketing, Inc

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