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The List, or Database, that is used for a marketing campaign is the foundation of a profitable marketing strategy. HARRIS Marketing, Inc.'s services are structured to accomplish the following objectives:

• Identify best prospects.
• Develop targeted campaigns.
• Meet customer needs.

HARRIS Marketing, Inc. offers specialized expertise in guiding marketers through a logical step-by-step process of decision making to consider sales objectives. Then, advertising investments are directed towards meeting sales goals. Some would say we are quantitative strategists.

With these techniques, we direct sales efforts to those most likely to buy.

HARRIS Marketing, Inc. offers Business as well as Residential lists.
Selection Criteria include:

Business Lists
• Geography:  State, County, Zip Code
• Type:  Standard Industrial Classification
• Size:  Sales, Employees
• Name

Consumer Lists
• Geography:  State, County, Zip Code
• Age:  Head of Household
• Income:  Household
• Name

List Output

List output is transmitted via E-Mail.

• Name & Address Only
• Name & Address PLUS Phone Number
• Name & Address PLUS Phone Number PLUS Demographic Data

For further information on Lists, call (317) 251-9729 or e-mail hmdataindy@msn.com.

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