HARRIS Marketing, Inc. List Selection Criteria
Type of Business
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Type of Business defined by SIC/Standard Industrial Classification:

Businesses are assigned a SIC/Standard Industrial Classification number. This enables you to select your list by types of businesses that have the highest likelihood of using your services or buying your product.

SIC selection is available at the two, four or eight-digit levels. Following are the major SIC categories on a two-digit level.

01 - 09     Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
10 - 14     Mining
15 - 17     Construction
20 - 39     Manufacturing
40 - 49     Transportation, Communications and Utilities
50 - 51     Wholesale Trade
52 - 59     Retail Trade
60 - 67     Finance and Real Estate
70 - 89     Services
91 - 97     Government and Public Administration

Tips - Notes on Selection Criteria:

Custom SIC selection is available.

File Output   

List output is available on printout or electronic media with database information including fully loaded demographic data.

Source: Researched and compiled by HARRIS Marketing, Inc. from database companies maintaining information on more than 10,000,000 businesses in the United States. Business Files are compiled from credit reports, telephone and in-person research, telephone files, annual reports, newspaper accounts, public records such as 10K and 10Q filed with the Security and Exchange Commission by publicly traded companies, NCOA/National Change of Address, and other sources of data. Under the Freedom of Information for access to government data, in certain cases HARRIS Marketing, Inc. is able to use lists from government sources. 5/00.

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