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HARRIS Marketing, Inc. established itself as an early user of the Internet with on-line database searching and transmission of data files. We have carried this experience forward by offering promotional programs for web sites.

Comprehensive marketing campaigns often include direct mail promotion of a companyís web site. With a targeted mailing list, high potential accounts are identified and mailed to attract high potential visitors to the web site. After the mailing, a computer file, or hard-copy report, can be provided for sales call follow-up and closing sales.

HARRIS Marketing, Inc. offers complete direct mail campaigns, including response forms and analytical measurements of results.

Well-designed, targeted mailings can accelerate the effectiveness of web sites. Now days, most all mailings include a businessí or organizationís web site address. Thus, the communications via both the mailing and web site are co-reinforced.

For further information on the promotion of web sites, call (317) 251-9729 or e-mail hmdataindy@msn.com.

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